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April 21, 2012
Audio Plugin Developement
audio plugin developement

UltraTape v1.1
For Native Instruments Reaktor 5

developed & created by Daniel Scholz
©2012 Sound Chateau
Since 10 years I develope plugins for Native Instruments Reaktor & Kontakt. Now it's time to share this works step by step. I will release my private collection of exclusive plugins for sale.

The first plugins are UltraTape & UltraCD.

UltraTape simulates the typically sound of a mechanically cassette deck. From small tape-glitches to the known spaghettied tape sound.

UltraCD is the same for a compact disc player. The typical sounds are dropouts, little loops and the sound of the laser-mechanic.

With both plugins you have the absolutely control and mastery of this legendary nasty sounds in realtime. Nice for audio-gimmicks and maybe nice for your childhood memory.
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