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December 2, 2023
Leinad - "Electric City" (Reissue from 1997)
leinad - electric city

Leinad - Electric City Album Reissue #leinad
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Finally my Disco-House project "Leinad" gets the long-awaited reissue! Enjoy the original Leinad-sound of 1997 with the reissue of the whole album "Electric City" on 2x12" vinyl with a special matt/glossy sleeve.

Release date: 23.FEB.2024
Cat.Nr.: K48001 / Leinad No.7
EAN: 4251804144261

©2023 Kabinett 48 Recordings

August 1, 2022
Leinad - "Souvenirs" (12" Reissue 2022)
leinad - souvenirs 2022

Leinad - Souvenirs Reissue 2022 #leinad
12" EP (MYS015/Leinad No.6) @ Mysticisms Records

After 24 years the Leinad project is back with a reissue of the "Souvenirs" track from the "Disco Part's III" EP included 2 new remixes from Daniel Scholz and 2 awesome remixes from Deep Dean & Piers Harrison on Mysticisms Records.

A1 - Souvenirs
A2 - Souvenirs (Deep Dean Remix)
B1 - Souvenirs (Piers Harrison Remix)
B2 - Souvenirs (2022 "Guru" Remix)
DB - Souvenirs (2022 "Touch" Remix)

December 12, 2021
Scholz - "Specht"
scholz specht

Scholz - Specht
Scholz - Specht

November 28, 2021
Scholz - "Sanft" (Chillhop Mix)
scholz sanft chillhop mix

Scholz - Sanft (Chillhop Mix)
Scholz - Sanft (Chillhop Mix)

August 16, 2021
Leinad - "Voice Spectrum" (Beatcrafter Cut)
leinad voice spectrum electric city

Leinad - Voice Spectrum (Electric City)
Special cut-version of the original track for the VR rhythm game "Beatcrafter".

Leinad - Voice Spectrum (Beatcrafter Cut) [1997] Electric City

August 8, 2021
Daniel Scholz - "Lily Loop" (Beatcrafter Mix)
daniel scholz lily loop beatcrafter mix

Daniel Scholz - LilyLoop (Beatcrafter Mix)
A synth-pop track for the VR rhythm game "Beatcrafter".

Daniel Scholz - Lily Loop (Beatcrafter Mix)

July 20, 2014
Release: Daniel Scholz - "Alle Rasten Aus"
daniel scholz alle rasten aus

Daniel Scholz - "Alle Rasten Aus"

written & produced by Daniel Scholz
©2014 Housepike Records
In the next days my new track "Alle Rasten Aus" will be released on Housepike Records. I hope you enjoy the catchy trumpet sounds.
And of course - you can buy the track on all known music stores:

Amazon | iTunes | musicload
April 21, 2012
Audio Plugin Developement
audio plugin developement

UltraTape v1.1
For Native Instruments Reaktor 5

developed & created by Daniel Scholz
©2012 Sound Chateau
Since 10 years I develope plugins for Native Instruments Reaktor & Kontakt. Now it's time to share this works step by step. I will release my private collection of exclusive plugins for sale.

The first plugins are UltraTape & UltraCD.

UltraTape simulates the typically sound of a mechanically cassette deck. From small tape-glitches to the known spaghettied tape sound.

UltraCD is the same for a compact disc player. The typical sounds are dropouts, little loops and the sound of the laser-mechanic.

With both plugins you have the absolutely control and mastery of this legendary nasty sounds in realtime. Nice for audio-gimmicks and maybe nice for your childhood memory.
March 6, 2012
New Soundtrack: "Der Turm der Sucher"
soundtrack sommerland der turm der sucher

"Die Legende von Sommerland" #007 - Der Turm der Sucher

DIRECTION: Valentin Rahmel
MUSIC: Daniel Scholz

©2012 SarazarLP / gronkh.de / Sound Chateau / Mojang
The new soundtrack of "Sommerland" episode 007 is out now!

1. Opener (007)
2. Memories Of Ventafur
3. The Tower
4. Descendants of the Lae

Music written & produced by Daniel Scholz
February 21, 2012
Daniel Scholz: website refresh
Daniel Scholz official website refresh

From now on the website comes with a more contemporary face.

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/SoundChateauCom

Facebook Page: facebook.com/sound.chateau
December 21, 2011
New Soundtrack: "Die Zuflucht"
soundtrack sommerland die zuflucht

"Die Legende von Sommerland"

Direction: Valentin Rahmel
Music: Daniel Scholz

©2012 SarazarLP / gronkh.de / Sound Chateau / Mojang
I scored the new Episode of the "Sommerland" series "Die Zuflucht".

Music written & produced by Daniel Scholz
November 28, 2011
A reflective Advent season
A reflective Advent season

Daniel Scholz - Advent Song 2011
I wrote this song long time ago with a Yamaha Synthesizer in 1994 I guess. This version is a remake produced within 4 hours in November of 2011.

"A Reflective Time" (Advent Song 2011)
Music written & produced by Daniel Scholz

I wish you all a joyful and reflective Advent season! :)